“Stop wasting energy and letting in the pesky stuff. Like bugs. And mice. And drafts and allergens. And all the things.”

Air-sealing is inexpensive and quick and could reduce air leakage in your home by 25-40%.

90% of homes in the
U.S. have air leaks.

So seal it. Seal the gaps. Seal the cracks. Seal the holes in your home.

It’s easy! All it takes is a few tools, a dash of your inherent go-get-it-ness, and a couple hours of tube-squeezing and weatherstripping (all set to an inspiring soundtrack of Seal’s Greatest Hits, of course).

Plus, you’ll be pretty proud of yourself afterwards. Ready to pat yourself on the back?

Get started!

See It

Have you noticed cracks, gaps, or holes (and unusually high energy bills?)

Feel It

Have you experienced drafts, dust, bugs, rodents or temperature fluctuations?

Seal It

Then it's time to find those gaps, cracks, and holes and seal them!

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Seal it! Videos

See it, feel it and seal it with our helpful video guides.

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“Want to find those gaps, cracks and holes?”

Come on, then!