How to

“You don’t need to hire a pro. Just SIY (Seal It Yourself).”

friendly seal sitting at attention
woman using a caulking gun to seal gap along window frame
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Have you squeezed toothpaste onto a toothbrush? Then you can air seal! Caulking is fun, and it can be done in a couple easy steps.

Check out the video below by This Old House to learn how!

woman applying weatherstripping to doorframe
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Have you ever taped a box closed? Then you can air seal! Using weatherstripping is as easy as peel, stick, cut!

Watch the video below by This Old House to see how easy weatherstripping can be.

spray foam insulation being applied to pvc pipe
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Expanding Foam

Have you ever sprayed air freshener? Okay! Then you can air seal! This fun little tool is easy to use, and the foam will expand to fill larger spaces, like holes around electrical wiring.

To see how easy expanding foam can be to use, watch the video below by Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show.